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Your Favourite Selfie

I'm positive we all have at least one photo on our phone that we all love of ourselves (or if not love, really, really like). You know the one, you had a long bath with your favourite bath salts, you spent an extra ten minutes making sure your hair was perfect and your lipstick was the perfect shade and you left the house feeling incredible. I bet you made sure you took a selfie or had a photo out enjoying your evening but every time you look at it, you feel you look like the best version of you.

Well, bring it to your bridal trial! Seeing photos of inspiration is a great place to start and can be helpful but there is nothing I like more as an artist then seeing you at your most confident and loving your look. Artists will take that photo and discuss why you felt amazing, was it the pamper time you gave yourself, the way your hair fell over your face or the eyeshadow that made your eyes sparkle. Whatever it was, by showing us we can plan a look using elements of that photo that will make you feel amazing again and ready for one of the biggest days of your life.

Emily Bliss x

Hair and Makeup Artist

Based in West Sussex - Providing Services Globally

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