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What Happens at a Bridal Trial?

Thinking of booking a bridal trial but find the process daunting? Read below to find out what happens at trials and why you shouldn't feel nervous!

A trial is the first time you get to meet your chosen artist in person and discuss in length your bridal vision. It can be used as a great indicator to see if you are both on the same page and how your look can be achieved.

One important thing to remember is you are in control. As a hair and makeup artist it is our job to take the lead and find out what looks you love and if they are achievable, but ultimately, you as the bride are in the driving seat, you dictate the looks you want yourself and your wedding party to have.

Usually trials last for 3/4 hours for both hair and makeup but depending on each artist and your individual needs, time will vary. During that time your artist should look at any inspiration photos you may have, listen to what you would like to achieve within your bridal hair & makeup and make recommendations based on your specific requests.

Some artists like to talk you through how they are achieving your look, asking you questions along the way about any styles or products you like or dislike. If you find yourself having any questions do not feel bad about asking your stylist. They will be happy to answer them and give you the best advice.

Once the finished look is complete, your artist will show you and ask how you feel. (Here is a good time to point out that it can be surreal to see yourself in bridal hair and makeup, especially without the dress!) Take a deep breath and give yourself a couple of minutes to look over the style, checking in a few different mirrors and with different lighting.

The trial is done, you love your look and your artist has left, but, make sure to keep your hair in and makeup on for as long as you can after your appointment. This will help test the longevity of the style and give you a chance to see your look in different lights and environments throughout the day.

Don't worry if there is something you would like to change about the finished look, let your artist know and they will discuss a different option that will suit your taste better.

Emily Bliss,

Bridal Hair & Makeup Artist

West Sussex, London, Surrey

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