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Finding Inspiration For Your Bridal Trial

Having trouble imagining what hair and makeup would make your bridal look stand out ?

Find yourself scrolling through social media getting lost in a sea of perfectly posed inspiration pics?

These top tips will help navigate your way through the endless possibilities of

bridal hair and makeup, helping you find your ideal look.

It is really useful to have some reference photos or mood boards of hair and makeup that you love. It helps your artist get to know your style and see your vision right away. It only takes a quick 'Bridal inspiration' search to pull up 100s of images, which can all be a little over-whelming, but with the right #'s and keywords you can narrow down that selection and focus on finding your key style.

Instagram and Pinterest are two of the best apps to select images, but using celebrity red carpet looks is another great way to find hair and makeup looks. Red carpet looks are often similar to bridal looks and can range from soft natural glam to full showstopper makeovers, there is something out there to tickle every taste bud. Using these looks is helpful because it shows you how well the hair and makeup you like photographs from multiple angles and often in various lights.

If you have always been told you have the same face shape as Zoe Saldana or that looking in your eyes are exactly like gazing into Natalie Portmans, you can use this as a brilliant place to start narrowing down looks that will complement you the most by looking at what suits features similar to yours on faces you recognise.

Whilst Instagram has endless photos of bridal inspiration it can be hard to avoid a scrolling spiral

of endless possibilities, making it harder to choose the right look for you. Using specific hashtags you can narrow down the search and focus on real bridal looks that you can show your stylist. My biggest advice on finding your photos is to find people with similar skin tone, eye colour and hair colour to you.

Here are a few #s I recommend my clients to use:

#realbrides #luxurybride #glambride #bridalupdo #weddinghair #blondebride #brunettebride #redheadbride #bridalmakeup #modernbride #bridalhairstyles #bridalmakeupartist #sussexwedding #londonwedding #surreywedding #hampshireweddings

Colours can look completely different from one bride to the next; someone with blue eyes may benefit from using a copper eyeshadow that will really bring out their baby blues and make them POP.

Whilst a brown eye can use purples and golds to create a seductive smokey eye that draws focus to them. There is no hard and fast rule on colours, it is your wedding day after all! if you want to go for a specific colour then do it! But, if you don't have an idea on what your dream bridal look is, focus on finding inspiration in looks that bring out your colouring. It is a sure fire way to plan a look that will dazzle and make you feel incredible.

One last thing, remember that bridal hair photos will look different on blonde hair to brunette. Many 'updo' inspiration pics you will find are on lighter colour hair and this is mainly because it is easier to see the intricate details of the style. On darker styles, stylists can create the overall shape but some detailing will be lost in photographs. However, my gorgeous fellow brunettes do not get disheartened by this, there are many styles that suit darker shades and bring out the best in your hair, and what we may lose in detail we make up for with a beautiful natural shine. For blondes the reverse is true, you can choose the most detailed of Inspo pics, but if you are not blessed with shiny hair, speak to your artist and together choose a style that will flatter. By using professional products your hairstylist will be able to add some moisture into your locks to have your hair looking healthy and photo ready in no time.

Have fun saving, liking and pinning all your favourite images & comment below the most helpful tip for you!

Emily Bliss x

Hair and Makeup Artist

Based in West Sussex - Providing Services Globally

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